A long time has passed since you bought your first movie on DVD. Now you have a large collection of films that can arouse envy. Your friends like to exchange movies with you, but the larger your collection grows, the harder it is to find a movie they haven't seen. They also have a problem selecting a film you haven't yet seen.
Of course, you can exchange lists of your movies using e-mail or upload the list to your homepage. But why should you do this when you have Cinematheca


The Cinematheca software allows you to arrange your movie collection and watch the movies from your friends’ collections. To view a friend’s collection you just need to add your friend’s identifier to the list of your friends and wait until your friend confirms your action.
Download a freeware version (1.59 MB)

How it works

When you keep a collection of movies, you save it on a disk like in other programs. But if you want to give your friends access to your collection, you register on the server and get a unique identifier you can later give to your friends. After the registration, the program will duplicate your collection on the server in the internet, and your friends will be able to get access to the list of films even when you’re offline.


  • Division into folders
  • Recording the date and the name of your friend who accessed the movie
  • Searching your and your friends’ collections
  • Rating the movies
  • Flexible interface configuration
  • Other pleasant details

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